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I love big earrings but I don't think I could pull these off! Well done here. (Mali)

Mali - As it is traditional amongst the Fulani women, the tattoo around her mouth indicates that she is married and is designed to make her less attractive to other men. The large golden earrings are also common among Fulani women.

✣ Smiling ✣ The face is a complex palette of emotions. A slight turning up of the lips and a crinkling of the eyes can signal pleasure, contentment, happiness, or satisfaction. But in all cases, a smile is more than it seems. A smiling person is often judged as more attractive, pleasant to be around, sincere, honest, sociable, and inviting and is considered more confident and successful. Image; A Pueblo Indian woman

This could be a "tattoo inspiration" I love the beauty of the youthful life in her eye compared to the age of her hand. But I'm strange like that.

Africa |  Kel Aïr (Kel Ayr) Tuareg girl. Niger.  | ©Georges Courreges

The Tuareg (Twareg or Touareg; endonym Imuhagh) are group of largely matrilineal semi-nomadic, pastoralist people of Berber extraction resid.