reading nook

This great reading nook with the colourful rug and the chair with sheep rug. Image from Miluccia ◆: SECRET BERBERE

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Photo (She danced all night...)

How to brighten your windowless office. 14 ideas for your workspace or home office. Office inspiration like adding pops of colors, using metallics and clear see-through accessories. For more office ideas, office furniture and desk decor go to Domino.

Whites + Brights

Dreaming of white stairs in my house. A Swedish home with a relaxed, boho vibe.

A Swedish apartment with a cosy bed and glossy grey floor. Stadshem.

Open Door Policy When I see tall double doors like the ones you’re about to see, my.

books and books and books and books

My dream is to have a room(s) filled with books -- books as decorations! But if this was my room, I'd have to straighten that stack there on the right. Love that cozy chair/ottoman! Perfect in this reading room.