Simplest description yet of Keynesian economics... Thanks Zero Hedge!

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Household debt in Sweden increasing fast!

Debt and (not much) deleveraging

Very fascinating book on today's job market.

Guy Standing "The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class" at MA Talks - Copenhagen of March 2015

dane spotts - YouTube

Mind Power Secrets - An audio workshop for attracting prosperity and wea.

Makes you go hmmm....

Makes you go hmmm.

Trust seems to be making a comeback!

Who Controls the Money Supply – Fed or We the People?

Two questions about real estate have been asked by many people: 1. Do you think it is wise now to buy a house and get hooked on a mortgage knowing that 2015.75 is around the corner? 2. Do you think...

The Real Estate - Business Cycle 1955 to 2033

Everything connected!!!

Everything connected!!!