Linda Hanebrant

Linda Hanebrant

Linda Hanebrant
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Art & Science all in one: Make a self portrait with nature treasures... sturdy paper and tacky glue.

After going for a walk through the woods, the children are encouraged to make a self portrait with all the nature treasures that they collected. We can use a nice sturdy paper and glue it with tacky glue.Enhances creativity and nature awareness.

Sheep interior

Studio ToutPetit invites you to take sneak peeks at European baby and children's style: from the latest in kids' fashion and design to street style, must-have products and inspirational children's and family rooms.

Sheep, bäääää

With no blood tests or X-rays, how did ancient healers diagnose illness? In Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), practitioners made judgments not by inspecting the patient but by examining the livers of sacrificed sheep.


Sheep ~ this reminds me of our neighbors across the street from us on Skillman Lane who owned sheep.