The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is inspired of the 70's shapes and fabrics, both for casual and party use. Autumn colors - like a bouqet of purple and orange irises that blooms in fall lightning up the dark with hints of Aventurines (the little turqoise gemstone) and gold. 5preview creates a feminine yet playful vintagelike modest look, with the cynical mood of the Nirvana song "In Bloom".
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Currently musing: Moody glamour at home

Biba's Barbara Hulanicki in her home studio. James Mortimer for Vogue 1975

Biba's Barbara Hulanicki circa 1975 Barbara Hulanicki in the sitting-room, the window open to reveal a jungle of climbing p.

Biba makeup paired well with '70's Glitterbug fashion. Bette Midler and The Pointer Sisters were influential in starting this style.

The Heat Of The Moment

Givenchy cobra turban & bra top photographed by David Bailey for Vogue UK, 1973 ~ Guy Bourdin

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