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origami kangaroo 5

origami kangaroo 5

HOLY COW!!! I had to step WAY back but this is so neat!

Vision Test: Normal vision people will see Albert Einstein in the picture. Near-sighted people will see Marilyn Monroe. Note: If you see Einstein then step back a ways to see Marilyn appear.

Stare at the yellow dots for awhile, and they'll disappear. | 23 Totally Mind-Shattering Optical Illusions

Watch video / Disappearing Dots / If you stare long enough at one of the dots, the other two will vanish from your eyesight. But if you look at that disappearing dot, it will magically reappear, while the others now begin to disappear.

How to...Hikaru dorodango | Apartment Therapy

Very cool idea for travel--grab some dirt form your destination and form it into polished spheres for home decor