awesome avatar things cause why not

Why I love Avatar: The Last Airbender Aang chooses Katara over the avatar state that's amazing just saw this episode< THE FEELS!<<kataang is still better than zutara


I would like to point oit that Iroh II, was probably zuko's son. Making Iroh the original his grandfather.

Poor Zuko.

Katara could have very easily been run out of town. The citizens of the Fire Nation village were, at first, outraged. She, unlike Zuko, had her friends with her who had her back. Zuko was Zuko Alone.


10 Things We Can All Learn From Avatars Sokka. Sokka's relationship with Foo Foo Cuddly Poops is one of my favorite parts.

Zuko look...your Honor

Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra: Image Gallery

The ember island players put on a better production than the actual movie

Korra and Aang bending opposites together

Korra and Aang --- OMG It's their opposite elements at the same time! Aang with air and earth, and Korra with water and fire!

Angry Zuko and sidetracked Iroh, check and check.

Zuko: "MY HONOR, MY FATHER, MY TEENAGE ANGST." Uncle Iroh: "Oh, look at that plant.I bet it makes a delicious tea."<--yeah and then he gets poisoned from it and Zuko reluctantly listens to what he has to say to help

Screw the legend of Korra this could be so much better

Screw the legend of Korra this could be so much better