Supernatural Fandom

There's a reason Kevin Tran was in Advanced Placement. This made me laugh out loud.


😂😂😂😂😂 We spread far and wide like the plague apparently.


As funny as the whole "Sam is a moose" thing is, I was already DYING of laughter just from the fact that a moose just walked into a grocery store and was lured out with a single apple

Supernatural post hijacked on tumblr

Sounds like a case. *the whole Supernatural fandom flocks to that person's house with suits and fake IDs*. [Investigating dead peoples lives, the family business.

Supernatural fandom

Lol so true I love the 'we're probably gonna die tomorrow' one and 'I learned that from the pizza man'

This is so accurate OMG.

I'm all of these at the same time which is at once a bit frightening and also rather fun.<----- hell i need help, i am all but from doctor who and it feels like i am breaking the superwholock

Supernatural Fandom

Supernatural Fandom // can we also appreciate that this same kid was also on Weeds and the actor who played his DEAD FATHER was Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka John Winchester.<omfg HOW