Supernatural fandom hijacks another tumblr post.

Only in the Supernatural fandom can you have a GIF for a hot doctor

Supernatural Fandom

There's a reason Kevin Tran was in Advanced Placement. This made me laugh out loud. reading is fundamental


I read 'Supernatural' as a verb at first. Like Damn, you Supernatural. As in wow, you fangirling over this show super hard. then I realised he was cursing the show.

Supernatural fandom

Why I'm glad to be part of the Supernatural fandom--reaction gifs for everything


As funny as the whole "Sam is a moose" thing is, I was already DYING of laughter just from the fact that a moose just walked into a grocery store and was lured out with a single apple

This is so accurate OMG.

I'm all of these at the same time which is at once a bit frightening and also rather fun.<----- hell i need help, i am all but from doctor who and it feels like i am breaking the superwholock

Supernatural Fandom

Supernatural Fandom // can we also appreciate that this same kid was also on Weeds and the actor who played his DEAD FATHER was Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka John Winchester.<omfg HOW

Even I was impressed

Supernatural Gif Challenge Challenge Accepted [gifset] - She should add.) Dorothy It's a wonderful life Shooting stars Etc

Insane, these are painted??

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THESE ARE DRAWINGS? supernatural <<< I see what you did there<<< I seriously thought these were all pictures instead of drawings.


Hey baby, what's your sign?

Supernatural Signs, I would totally get the anti-possession as a tattoo!< as soon as I reach the age when my parents wouldn't kill me for getting a tattoo. And old enough to buy a tattoo. And old enough to get a car to drive to the tattoo place.


I was watching Digimon then this happened and my inner Supernatural fangirl made me scream at the computer.