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Photos: Alice J I don't think I've showed you my glasses. I usually just wear them when I'm writing on my computer or reading a book and almost never outdoors. I really like them. I also really...

In the latest issue of Elle Sweden I'm talking about checked pieces and how to style them. It's all based on this show that blew me away earlier this year. I senaste numret av Elle pratar jag om.

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Alison & Peter Smithson. Upper Lawn Pavilion, structure, construction.


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a0069091crop.jpg 4 561 × 5 877 pixlar

Alison & Peter Smithson - Upper Lawn Pavilion - Solar Pavilion - UK - 1962 - Stairs

Position: Pictures taken from hte book "Alison and Peter Smithson-From the house of the Future to a house of today" edited by Dirt van Heuvel and Max Risselada

2011A&P SmithsonUpper Lawn Study

Alison and Peter Smithsons’ Upper Lawn Pavilion (also known as the “Solar pavilion”), – SOCKS

peter-alison-smithson-upper-lawn-pavilion-xoio-lasse-rode-13 - Ronen Bekerman - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog

Peter + Alison Smithson - Upper Lawn Pavillon // Lasse Rode architecturally modern with aged elements & surfaces.