Button and elastic - so easy

Button and elastic. I like the idea of fabric covered buttons with the elastic you use in sewing. Neat idea for small gift packages!

How to make your own #DIY printed wrapping paper with rolling pins

How To: Make Your Own DIY Printed Wrapping Paper with Rolling Pins

How to make your own DIY printed wrapping paper with rolling pins! You get stickers and put it on a rolling pin!


DIY mini stamp collecting book by Teri from Giddy Giddy We needed a lovely display and storage solution for all the wonderful stamps we’ve been collecting. But also beautiful and high quality.

DIY Book Jackets

Love this little book jacket idea from the folks at Fellow Fellow. With a few stamps and the sewing maching you can make a pretty cute book jacket or two or three.

Add an extra touch of awesome to your correspondence with an embroidered postcard!

How-To: Embroidered Postcards

kid-shaped bookmarks; good gift idea

DIY bookmark with Photos.simple gift idea for your book readers or for Mother's/Father's day from the kids!

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