Cute Little Bunny Eating Carrot - This is so cute! The bunny is standing to reach her favourite meal: fresh carrot!

Its the time of the year where you encourage your kids to paints eggs for Easter. You know theyll never make it as beautiful as these ones. So IF your eggs turned out these beautiful.then you need serious counselling about having fun.

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President Barack Obama, accompanied by the Easter Bunny, smiles as he the opens the Easter Egg Roll festivities at the White House in Washington, Monday, April AP PHOTO

Top tip: Looking for Easter Egg Hunt theme ideas? Check out these 8 Easter Egg Hunt ideas.

White Bunny Rabbit Cute Easter Bunny Picture Cute Little Bunny Rabbit Easter Cute Bunny Wallpaper Easter Bunny Rabbit Wallpaper .

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Recycling egg shells for miniature vases offer great ideas for spring crafts and make Easter decorating eco friendly, natural and interesting

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Magnet Chicks in Hats Chicken Wearing a Pink Floral Hat

Tea with Victoria Rose (Holly Pond Hill) 2001 © Paul Kortepeter (Author), Susan WHEELER (Artist, Fredericksburg, Texas). Art Gallery: www.