Why do you care??
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So true!

Homophobia is the fear of homosexuals. This picture tells us that homosexuality is not a choice, however, homophobia is a choice because one chooses to be ignorant and closed minded.

Why do people worship such an immoral being? I am not saying that the god of the Old Testament myth is just like a ruthless, tyrannical, genocidal dictator .

As an atheist, more and more I feel that if religion just so happened to be real, I'd much more prefer spending an eternity in hell like this.

Insane levels of stupid. Atheism is NOT a religion, it's the complete absence of it. We deny the existence of all "gods" & "devils", so logically don't worship or hate either. The ignorance in this post is indeed impressive.

after we tell people that we're atheists

after we tell people that we're atheists.too true.we are the most distrusted minority in America ---- i think every southern atheist can relate to this one.


We did NOT "come from monkeys." When I hear this I want to scream "according to your religion we are all inbreeders - what's worse?" We share a common ancestor. It's easy enough to understand.