Incredible photograph of the coastline at Etretat, France

Sea Cliffs - Normandy, France My father was part of the invasion on D-Day at Normandy during WWII. what a beautiful place it is now. God bless all the men that lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy and during the war.

The rainbow mountains of China Geological Park

LOOK: These Rainbow Mountains Actually Exist!

Danaxia landforms are colourful rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China. The landform is a.

Lava Cauldron, Democratic Republic of the Congo

“ From National Geographic Photo Of The Day; April Lava Cauldron, Democratic Republic of the Congo Carsten Peter, National Geographic Exhaling clouds of gas, a cauldron of lava boils in the.

The Amazon

San Rafael falls on the Quijos River in Yasuni National park in Columnia. I love waterfalls.

An INCREDIBLE long exposure photo taken by Rolf Maeder from Moran Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Pictures of the day: 18 September 2013

Beautiful night of lightning at the Grand Canyon. As Rolf Maeder says, "it was such a wonderful experience to witness this beautiful thunderstorm far across the Grand Canyon!


One day I will ride a camel to visit the pyramids in Egypt. On my list of places to go!