-Egret at sunset

Egret at sunset.rule of thirds draw the eye downwards from the sun onto the bird with horizontal lines forming a framework.soft and warm colours pleasing to the eye with a calming effect

Siberian Lynx//

Siberian Lynx - medium size cat native to European and Siberian forest, Central Asia and East Asia. Such big paws!

Watchful Cheetahs

Two cheetahs survey the long road ahead. Photographer and Location: Unknown.

With around 3000 tigers left in the entire world. It´s best to memorize visuals like this, soon frozen frames of captured moments are all that is left for the world to see. The tiger needs us all to keep it in view and mind.

There are only around 3000 tigers left in the entire world! It makes me so angry when I hear about poachers killing these amazing animals!