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wow, the birds, the sky.a scary ambiance.clouds seem to be funneling something scary into - or out of - this abandoned house.

Occupied - Jason Rowles

Jason Rowles artist, watercolor painting, how to be an artist, graffiti

Home Sweet Home derelict room interior. Spray painted lamp, television set and fish tank. Occupied (watercolor on paper, by Jason Rowles. Click the image to read more about Jason, who's featured in Watercolor Artist magazine.

Oklahoma tornado captured in a 1898 photo.

"Oklahoma tornado captured in a 1898 photo." -- Actually it's a photoshopped picture of the Waynoka, Oklahoma tornado.

nathan coley

~ Reaping A Brave New Life ~ London urban poetry artist Robert Montgomery works with text in a post-Situationist tradition.


the-two-germanys: “How to Speak with the Dead; a Practical Handbook Sciens, author of recognized scientific textbooks New York: E. Dutton & Co.

Corridor of hell, architecture

really-shit: “ Spanish artist Antonio Mora is a creative photographer who transforms simple portraits into dreamy landscapes filled with intriguing emotion. In the series, entitled Dream Portraits,.


This is all that's left of the Ahern farm in New Hampshire, USA. The house has been empty for many years and, just recently people have broken in and busted out all the windows.


As Americans, we've become accustomed to certain freedoms and liberties that we often take for granted. There are a group of bad ass military personnel that