ROBERT KELLY 'Thicket Assemblage LXX'

'Thicket Assemblage LXX' by painter Robert Kelly. Oil & mixed media on linen, 27 x in. via contemporary gallery

Frank Gerritz . 2013 {{i love how minimalism challenges you and how to think about artworks and really makes you think and figure out what is going on, even though it might not mean anything within the work (gab) }}

Galerie Kim Behm Frankfurt - Exhibitions Frank Gerritz, Two Center Connection, pencil on paper, 2 x x cm]

Philip Guston - drawings photographed at Hauser & Wirth gallery, NYC, 2016

Philip Guston drawings photographed at Hauser & Wirth Gallery, NYC, 2016 //

Robert Kelly - tropos vagabunden VIII

Robert Kelly Tropos Vagabunden VIII 2007 Acrylic and collage on panel 89 x 72 cm

Grey book wall - Stylizimo

OUR NEW GREY BOOK WALL & A BIG OLIVE TREE Although I really liked how our book wall used to look like in black, I actually prefer this lighter look that we got after I replaced it with the perfect gre

There are no philosophies nor rules in the studio other than to show up and to listen to my instinct.