Eco Dimension - Crossline

living space - Tati sofa table by Broberg & Ridderstråle from Asplund, Grasshopper floor lamp by Greta Magnusson Grossman from Gubi and Dimensions by Eco Wallpaper


Eco Wallpaper Dimensions Collection Digital Designs Murals 8131 to 8134

Alone III

Eco Dimension range featuring Dan Isaac Wallins photographic murals, Landscape no: soft and warm hues with open bare landscape used as a piece of art or bespoke to fit a wall.

Eco Dimension - Geisha 8121

Wallpaper from the collection Dimensions in the color Pink, Green, Black and pattern Large scale pattern, Floral.


Rich aubergines and purple plums bring an indulgent classy feel with this Eco Dimensions design 8117

Little Big

Little Big 8135 - Dimensions - Engblad & Co