Wallpaper with pattern from the golden age for retro – the and but with a contemporary Scandinavian look. Reflections from ECO


This wallpaper was previously part of our Eco Dimensions collection. For Eco Reflections, we have updated it with two new colourways - both in pleasing pastels. The fine balance in the overprint gi


Lucy is a pattern that harks back to classic retro design - with a contemporary twist. Delightfully playful berries in four delicate shades. The print has a textured finish, giving the wallpaper a textile feel and making the room cozy and homely.

VIDA Eco Reflections also offers peaceful natural motifs, such as Vida with its tranquil, swaying reeds. A simple, modern pattern that provides a sense of well-being for a bedroom or living room.


Our Dora design forms a colourful bead curtain. Dora is a wallpaper ideally suited to small rooms, such as ch


Jolene is a wallpaper for those who are fond of graphic patterns. The soft, wavy shapes are inspired by the and come in four pleasing colors. The plain surface is highly textured to the touch.

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Eco Reflections – the perfect meeting of respectful nostalgia and relaxed contemporary design.

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Vida 5916 - Reflections - Engblad & Co

Decorama EasyUp 16 - Engblad & Co