Tomtar och troll. John Bauers teckningar skrämde mig när jag var liten. Nu tycker jag de är hur fina som helst.

'She kissed the bear on the nose' From "Bella's Glorious Adventure" by Helena Nyblom John Bauer [Swedish painter and illustrator,

A female Bauer's Troll (Vorax baverensis)


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John Bauer - from 'Leap the Elk and the Little Princess Cottongrass' aka 'The story of Skutt the Moose and little Princess Tuvstarr'. The store is by Helge Kjellin, 1913

John Bauer, Swedish illustrator (1882-1918). Bland tomtar och troll (Among Gnomes and Trolls).

John Bauer ‘Barn och stentroll’ - The Child and the Stone Troll

Painting by the Swedish artist John Bauer (1882--1918). He made pictures of creatures in the Swedish folk belief, inspired by the deep dark forests. Here is princess "Tuvstarr" surrounded by trolls.

The Princess and the Troll Sons, from The Boy and the Trolls, by John Bauer. ""Look at them," urged the troll mother. "Look at my sons. Handsomer trolls can't be found this side of the moon. But then of course, they take after their mother.

John Bauer - Illustration 7

John Bauer’s Bland Tomtar Och Troll (Among Elves and Trolls), He was so clever depicting size and proportions

Illustration by John Bauer.

John Bauer “Leap the Elk carries Princess Tuvstarr”, 1913 (From the book “Princess Tuvstarr (Princess Cottongrass) and the Fishpond”) 2010 december john-bauer.html

Illustration by John Bauer for ‘Pojken och Trollen' from “Bland Tomtar och Troll”

John Bauer

''Good evening, old man! the boy greeted'' Illustration of Walter Stenström's The boy and the trolls or The Adventure in childrens' anthology Among pixies and trolls - John Bauer