Matilda Gunnar

Matilda Gunnar

the galaxy in her soul
Matilda Gunnar
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Hi My Only..I was with 2 Huge Pilots All Night..We Eat & Drink All Night.. They Fly Big.. The Fly The Large Super Planes.. We Have Fun Looking At Small Planes..They Say Its Better Small..We Visit 4 Hours.. From NY* They Fly The Large Planes ..what u call them.. anyways I miss work today.. it fine.. I was at airport anyways..we

She loved him with a messy heart. He hugged her with fragile bones. She touched him with soared hands. He kissed her with bruised lips .They whispered all their flaws, and inhaled the storm together - Randy Mascorro

Booom! SpotOn!

Patricia Ann, I vividly remember the way you walked, that subtle way your hips moved in a tight pair of jeans, Tricia. That memory got me through law school and past the bar exam!


No matter how far I've moved, ur still in my heart and constantly on my mind. One day my heart will stop mentioning you.

Godiva white chocolate liquor, vanilla vodka and white creme de cocoa.   I. MUST. TRY.

Godiva white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka and white creme de cocoa combine to make this white chocolate snowflake martini.