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Freja🎶🍋 Fox🐺😍🐢
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You take your loving pet to a shelter and you've signed its death certificate. Do you believe in a God, I don't think so.

I used to have a life , a home a place to call my very own I loved and cherished my family But then one day they abandoned me I searched I ran no where to go Never once suspecting Id end up on death row . PLEASE ADOPT & SAVE A LIFE

Free range farming is not a “humane” alternative.

-The beauty of animals and nature. -Benefits of veganism.-The entwinement of human and animal rights. Number of Animals Killed since you.

Animals belong in the wild. Not in cages. They are not for our amusement. The circus pisses me off. Petting zoos too. And those fucking fairs were people can go on elephant rides. I hope somewhere in an alternate universe there are animals going on people rides, and there are humans in petting zoos being pat on the head and fed crap from a candy machine.

Circuses rip babies away frm their mothers in th wild & keep them locked up. They're forced a life f pain, punishment & cruel treatment fr entertainment. They are wild animals, meant observed only in their rightful world. We mustnt imprison them in ours

planet manners: Slaughter of pigs - ''humane death"?

I don't believe in killing pigs for meat, but if they are going to do it why can't they euthanize them? My second question would be how is this inhumane slaughter legal?