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Peter <3

“Hiya, the little girl in the dalek outfit is my niece, she’s autistic and was finding it difficult coming to terms with the regeneration as Matts doctor is her imaginary friend, she was worried PCap wouldn’t want to play with her. We are very ecstatic th

A paradox occurs. Get the TARDIS Paradox conversion kit ready folks! Where's The Master when you need him?

After thinking about this, I realized that it would move closer BECAUSE: It said that the SILENCE looked away, not the angel. The angel could still be looking at the silence, allowing it to move closer

Loving this

The fighter. The lover. The friend. Just don't think that 9 is the fighter, 10 is the lover, and 11 is the friend. In every regeneration each one is all these things. Remember, they are all the same man.

Martha he loves you you saved the hole damn world

Poor Martha, there is nothing wrong with her. It's just that people don't like her because she came having to try and fill the boots of Rose.

Gotta love Rose!

Not mine. jumped off cliff. -apart TIN bitt t' ml" brought thc dcat back In um and Doctor Who Rose Harry Potter twilight Hermione

K but seriously I don't want matt smith to leave and I hate the new guy! This will not happen again!!

The fact I stopped watching DrWho because Matt Smith ruined it breaks the Stages of Regeneration for a DrWho Fan.