Easy way to feed the birds...toilet paper tube, peanut butter, roll it in birdseed and slip it over a branch..

toilet paper tube, peanut butter, roll it in birdseed and slip it over a branch. toilet paper tube, peanut butter, roll it in birdseed and slip it over a branch.

Rubbing alcohol and ink.

Alcohol Inked Tile Coasters - 25 Decorative DIY Coasters You'll Be Proud to Show off . SourceIf you look at the finished product, you would never guess that these are DIY coasters. All you need are some tiles, rubbing alcohol and alcohol ink!

Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips.

Go bears DIY: Pick a silhouette, cut magazine strips, & use Mod Podge as the glue & sealer. could do this with any silhouette!

DIY - Bird Feed Ornament

DIY ~ Bird Seed Ornament Recipe (no baking required) + Step-by-Step Tutorial. Easy to make and so sweet to watch your feathered friends enjoy. Make a bird feeding tree!

I have a lot of buttons I could donate for this

Button tree print on canvas. I love my button tree. I used 2 canvases and spread the tree and it's button leaves out over both.

DIY watercolor silhouette.  This would be a fun project to do with letter stickers.  Stickers on first then paint, dry, and remove stickers.

I know it's a kid's art activity: DIY watercolor silhouette. (Stickers on first then paint, dry, and remove stickers.) Still, such a good idea to remember.

! How-to Homemade Dream Catchers!!

15 Easy and Cheap DIY Projects to Make Your Home a Better Place

A really simple craft using readily available material!

Recycled Paper Dalia - If you'd like to make your own flower, all you need is toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls) and craft glue.

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to make Glowing Celestial Mason jars

Another fun way to make fairy lights: paint little dots inside a jar with glow-in-the-dark paint. These glow jar crafts for kids can be done in so many creative ways. Find the one that works for you!

great fall activity... use for broken crayons... and classroom decoration!

how to: wax paper and crayon fall leaves. These leaves were made just like you used to make those stain glass windows with wax paper and crayon shavings.

catching the sun. melt shredded crayons between wax paper and add paper sun ray frame.

morning sun rae: catching the sun sun card stock, 2 round pc wax paper a small amount of crayon shavings

Simple wax paper stained glass project for kids.

Arts & Crafts with Kids: Wax Paper Stained Glass

This easy kids craft project is for those moms and dads with oodles of broken bits of crayons laying around the house (sound familiar? Instead of letting the broken crayons decay and mark up your drawers, we suggest using them…

cute simple craft

Sweet & simple: paper punch heart garland made from paint chip cards! I've always used paint chips for art projects. for Valentines.this is a GREAT idea!