wood effect with wire brush. directions using black foamboard

Using standard black foamboard

Technique using Kapa-line foamboard - Faux wood texture created with a wire brush painted with raw umber light grey acrylic paint.



haaaaaaaaave-you-met-ted: “ Dark Apostle by Nord-Sol ”

A Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion wielding his Accursed Crozius in the service of Chaos Undivided.

Death Korps Krieg Baneblade (Commission)

CoolMiniOrNot - Death Korps Krieg Baneblade (Commission) by TheMiniatureWorkshop

"Dead or Alive" Adventure Diorama. Made with real sticks for the trees, cork for the wood-like base, bark for rocks, with Red Box Games for adventurers and main bad guy and Mantic Games skeletons. An amazing work of art.

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