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Switch the hall grey and put on pub room wainscoting. Grey, tan, olive green & just the right amount of white and light to make the spot look sexy in all the right ways!

The chairs, the lighting, yes now we're getting it

Antique Silver Solid Brass Tray Handmade India Interior Design Decor home interiors , ideas and design "White room.

Plaid wallpaper, harris tweed, a wing back chair, and books. Man your talking my language…

Library with green built-in bookcases and plaid walls -- Nicolas Smith Photography -- Scot Meacham Wood Design. The CHAIR--and everything else!

It looks like something out of a fairytale!!

Love this with the thick wooden beam that would work with the rafters. Look at the beautiful circle window in the background as well.

Fabulous everything! (designed by Annie Brahler)

A Traditional Masculine Southern Study

love a vintage leather wingback chair for a study in front of a fireplace

The Reading Nook More

The Reading Nook More


Curl Up in One of These Cozy Libraries

green velvet couch and lots of books Greyfield Inn Cumberland Island Photograph by Jamie Beck Ann Street Studio (Click photo to see full story …)

Laurent Bourgois Architect—Triplex Victoires—bibliotheque

Somewhere to feed the soul. Somewhere to feed the body. And somewhere to do both. Don't you read books and munch on a snack in the bath? This somewhere by Laurent Bourgois.