******A KEEPER***(for the bath) - Love the one deep sink, the high faucet & the color contrast (dark cabinetry). Plus the white subway tile backsplash. Also, ledge between faucet & backsplash.

Our limitless, timeless, eternal being exists beyond our external wants & desires. Curiosities & the unknown - Satsuki Shibuya.

davis ayer

Austin, Texas-based artist Davis Ayer shows off light projection art at its finest. We've seen light projection photography before, but this is the first t

gouden accenten in huis

the top six best DIY's of the moment : gold edition} :: This is Glamorous

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Rosanna Webster mixes photography and projection in this beautiful series featuring several different animal costumes. A Beautiful Cross of Projection and Photography Photo by Rosanna Webster, via.

michael graydon

photo: Dussert Dussert Dussert Graydon - sasha's bathroom design design ideas decorating before and after design