Mikaela Duran Hall
Mikaela Duran Hall
Mikaela Duran Hall

Mikaela Duran Hall

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subtle medusa septum combo - Google Search

Simply Spicy with a small side to under, undercut!!

Dreadlocks. This is what i want to shoot for if i do it.

Medusa Piercing

medusa piercing - Google Search

Upper Lip Piercing On Point! The Medusa

Medusa and Brown Dreads :: #dreadstop

Thinking about dying my hair / bangs. Brown with blonde streak to black with blonde streak Hhrrmm

This is a great color combo too! Black under, blonde on top, turquoise in between that you can really only see when you wear it up! ♥

Details about USA Lightest Blonde Microbead loop Hair Extension Highlights Streaks micro bead

I love this! Blonde side streak on darker colored hair! So cute & unique. Looks like my hair!