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Fredrika Malmström

Fredrika Malmström
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It’s crazy how much my taste buds have changed over time. I used to cry if something had coconut in it. Anything that involved bananas, coconuts, nuts, mustard, blue cheese or onions always r…


These are utterly fantastic. I made them twice in two days and I plan to make them often. I made them like the recipe except I just used a simple glaze instead of a cream cheese icing, and I doubled the cinnamon. no yeast required cinnamon rolls

Easy Cinnamon French Toast Sticks from #recipe

Easiest Way To Make Cinnamon French Toast Sticks-> 8 slices thick-cut toast -> 4 large eggs -> 1 cup heavy cream -> 2 teaspoons cinnamon -> 1 Tablespoon sugar -> 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract -> Unsalted butter, for cooking -> Maple syrup, for serving