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vedman 8

Jag är rolig och fånig
vedman 8
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Name: Luka Gender: male Age:6 Mate: none Pups: none. Strong warrior, stubborn at times, easily annoyed... Shy and quite most of the time but is looking for a mate.~~me (open)

I'm not sure how old I am and I have no real blood family. I protect this pack from the dangers lurking in the shadows. I'm half dragon half wolf and have no place to call home.

Javelin's Wyvern by arvalis I think this could be close to what the dragons in my books look like

"This is Javelin's wyvern. Ive wanted to design a wyvern for the character for many years, but was never pleased with a design. Once i doodled this dragon in my sketchbook, i thought i had finally n." artist Unknown by me

Jonathan Kuo

some how I ended up doing dragon demos back to back for my LCAD and CDA class this weekend

how to draw a dragon step 3                                                                                                                                                                                 More

how to draw a dragon step 3 I don't even care about its position in a tutorial, I'm inspired by the powerful lines of the figure

Done this exercise just to get back on my feet. I started doing it for the patterns on their skin only, but then i imagined the colors and soon i was also concerned about the shapes. I started look...

This dragon animal cross concept design is awesome

he ate them all, except for the ones who escaped to the sea (narwhals)

funny harry potter unicorn you are what you eat (in book 1 when voldemort drank the unicorn blood!) OMG SO FUNNY


Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

Some of these are just too good. Like the couple that will be together forever. YES.

Some of these are just too good. Like the couple that will be together forever. YES.

Harry Potter and Mean Girls mashup (also I typed Harry Pitter at first and for some reason found it hilarious)

My favorite Harry Potter meets Mean Girls mash-up! "Oh my god, Harry, you can't just ask people why they don't have a nose.