Toni Marić

Toni Marić

Toni Marić
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animal-biomimicry elephant trunk robot arm---Looks like Doc Oc's arm from Spiderman!

Robotic arms have been redesigned based on the anotomical structure of an elephant's trunk which allows much greater flexibility, strength, and control than conventional robotic limbs.

Nice and elegant fan concept by Simona Hruskova. Slim when off and wide and air blowing when turned on.

Today's fan takes the same space when it is on and off. After turning the fan on the maximum - a cage covering a propeller is what we see.Its form looks way too technical and not friendly to our home place.

A Hip Hive for Urban Bees by Justine Hand The hive, which is made of light concrete, creates an optimal environment for bees, yet is compact enough for most urban balconies, rooftops, and small gardens. Gardenista

Apiarium beehive by Bettina Madita Bohm Design graduate Bettina Madita Böhm has created a cylindrical concrete beehive for urban beekeepers to use on the roofs of city buildings.