It’s understandable that people want to keep their prom looks as traditional as possible. After all, it’s a formal affair, not a rave or a house party. It’s not exactly the body-con mini wiggle dress type of event, and that’s okay! Hell, it’s fun to get f

Black Velvet on the brow / Dark Humor as the liner activated with water / Dragoness lashes IDA EKMAN

Sculptural Fashion - both delicate and hard... sheer pleats; 3d fashion construct; fashion architecture

Sculptural Fashion - both delicate and hard sheer pleats; fashion architecture to look like buildings. Large cone pleats resemble the patterns on shells or the lightness of feathers on wings.

Architectural Fashion - three-dimensional dress with structured pleats

Architectural Fashion - three-dimensional dress with structured pleats. The dress looks like paper made pleats which gives it a used and household looking dress.

folded dress - architectural fashion by Tara Keens-Douglas

Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas - Carnival costumes are often known for their vibrant colors, sparkling sequins and skin-revealing cuts; while Ecstatic Spaces by Tara Keens-Douglas .

textile print design degree show - Google Search

textile print design degree show-Layered Colors Idea for project- colour blocking behind pattern done by layering of colours, different opacity

Beautiful curvy women - Get rid of the same mold, we are all beautiful. #PlusSize #LoveYourBody #LoveYourCurves

Photoshoot: “Woman” by Lanaya Flavelle for Langara College’s “Refinery” Project

Empowering photo of curvy pin up model. This is a realistic view of what a woman looks like. Not the manequinn.

#Origami #fashion

origami hood by VEASYBLE project created by GAIA Gloria, Arianna, Ilaria and .

Origami Fashion - paper engineering meets fashion design - 3D paper dress; wearable sculpture // "Paper Plane Pleats," Bea Szenfeld

The collection Haute Papier of the swedish fashion designer Bea Szenfeld is strangely exquisite. Photos by Joel Rhodin