:: Taste Book designed by Vicki Turner ::

Food infographic Taste Book on Behance. - a grouped images picture Infographic Description Taste - by Laura Rowe. Design and Illustration by Vicki Turner

Cool Alternative 'The Shining' Posters | From up North

Cool Alternative ‘The Shining’ Posters

By Paul Rand.

04 Paul Rand, cover for The American Essays of Henry James (Vintage, covering book cover book cover

Satori in Paris by Jack Kerouac. Grove Press, 1967.

Satori in by Jack Surprise! I started reading Kerouac in the but never heard of this. Nice to find a new Kerouac at I'll have to find it.

B300 The Subterraneans By Jack Kerouac Grove Press Black Cat Edition 1971

_The Subterraneans_ By Jack Kerouac Grove Press Black Cat Edition A great novel in what is practically a single sentence

:: The Police, 1967 ::

Blank Empty Book Cover Free :: The Police, 1967 :: Book cover design by George Lenox 1958 Cover The-Prophets-of-Smoked-Meat

To celebrate his 40 years anniversary, Picador reissues twelve essential novels in black and white. The Sea AUTHOR John Banville PUBLISHER Picador.

The Sea, John Banville. Pinner writes: In this luminous novel about love, loss…