All the more reason to double-check the names when you invite someone via text message. They won't be strangers anymore!

We still coming

Im going to text a random number for an invitation to my wedding on purpose

Wow, gets this message across with impact! Going to rethink a couple recent problems - I might have been a pooty-cat. Sunday Funny captions (12:50:39 PM, Sunday 16, October 2016 PDT) – 44 -pics

Yep,can totally see my two cats doing this! lol So funny but apt too! Absolutely spot on and quite Jedi advice like too. Now where's my light sabre?

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Funny Pictures With Captions and I'm a vegetarian and it is better to SHARE animals food that eating them

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Funny pictures about Help Identifying A Bird. Oh, and cool pics about Help Identifying A Bird. Also, Help Identifying A Bird photos.

The comments in this!!!

Because I'm a Guy on

technically it is AT LEAST 12 meaning greater than or equal to 12 and there are obviously more than 12


I'm obsessed with pizza. Any time my mom asks for dinner or lunch suggestions I almost always say pizza and it's not like we never have pizza, we actually get pizza pretty often. I promise you I will never not want pizza.

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My friend is learning towel origami. She left this on my towel rack


I know you've been stalking me cause you finally unblocked me. To be honest, I was waiting for that moment every day to catch you, so I could block you myself and protect mine and my husband's family from your obsessions with my husband

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I sent my mum this ' she replied, keep hitting play, It deben‘ t Billig anything". mmmmm I sent my mum this ' she replied keep hitting play It deben‘ t Billig anything" Did try turning it off and on again?