30 Days & 30 Stretches to Splits! #JourneytoSplits-I may not do the splits but these look like some great stretches!

30 Days & 30 Stretches to Splits! #JourneytoSplits (Blogilates: Fitness, Food, and lots of Pilates)

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Do the Splits in a Week or Less

The splits is an impressive feat of flexibility that is beneficial for a wide variety of activities, including ballet, martial arts, gymnastics and yoga. Training to do the splits takes months or even years of practice and intense.

Martial arts

Various types of martial arts. Only done karate and kickboxing, though I have dabbled in some others. Would love to do kung fu.


Taekwondo is not about breaking boards or piles.It's about breaking your habit, your weakness,

Breaking down the definition of the flag.

South Korean Flag love the meaning behind it. I've also heard that the short and long lines along with representing the elements also represent the strong protecting the weak and the weak protecting the strong. Like the taegeuk, its all about BALANCE.

Yes! BJJ love. :)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for all! Well, besides the fact that the elephant doesn't live in the jungle.

This just makes me laugh :D

Notice the right foot placement. The ankles are locked. The outside of the knees are flush. He pulls the left arm down while raising the head from under the chin. Controlling the width, depth, and height of his opponent.

or just walking along and you trip and when you come back up you strike a karate pose adn the boy next to you is laughing if freaking butt off..... not that that has happened to me!

I don't like spiders and snakes, but.act like a black belt when I walk into a spider web


I LOVE flair requests!!!

I Might Look Like I'm Working But In My Head I'm Doing Tang Soo Do – mug-empire

I Might Look Like I'm Working But In My Head I'm Doing Tang Soo Do

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