Anton Landgren

Anton Landgren

Sverige / Varför inte lära känna mig istället?
Anton Landgren
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020517, Manilyn Toledana on ArtStation at

Manilyn Toledana is an artist from The Philippines. That’s not Geralt, but if you squint hard enough, you can imagine a very welcome cameo in Cyberpunk -Lol I never comment on these but it's not Geralt, it's the main character from Nioh.

Snakebites wider to each side

My septum and snakebites I truly do love my piercings.

Snakebite piercing under lip - 2#

Read "Damaged Wings (boyxboy) - Chapter Six" Jake has a crush on Mr. Popular, but once they become friends, he can't muster up the courage to confess. All the awkwardness of teens years and the pain of falling in love.

Eyebrow piercing 1#

What is eyebrow piercing? It is one of the most popular surface piercings done along the eyebrow. Although eyebrow piercing was introduced in the it