Couture Monogram Design by Emily McCarthy

Monogram Designs by Emily McCarthy sister in law of Sweeney Sweeney McCarthy! Love her work Colleen !

another idea for using floral with the new logo. Not these colors or types of flowers

LIKE - but instead of coloured flowers we would like more greenery/shades of green eg green leaves, moss, ferns maybe some stones but see if it looks nice. we prefer cursive font for the logo - Moss & Stone and have TERRARIUMS in capitals below

How to Fake Great Handwriting

How to Fake Calligraphy Sometimes the oldest tricks in the book are the best! Learn how to fake calligraphy or your favorite handwriting with these easy steps.

Monogram Avenue

Monogram Etiquette by Savannah Designer, Emily McCarthy. Etiquette for single monograms, married monograms, and more!