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Blue building by Pilar Almagro Paz (looks like a horizontally compressed exterior of a Hong Kong building)

A massive cross-section map of the Walled City of Kowloon

Kowloon-Cross-section-low.jpg Detailed Cross-section of the Kowloon Walled City Created by Japanese Researchers

Mind-Blowing Architectural Density in Hong Kong | Bored Panda

Mind-Blowing Architectural Density in Hong Kong

German artist/photographer Michael Wolf‘s “The Architecture of Density,” a wonderful photo essay that casts these rather generic and often neglected towers in an artful new light.

In Architecture of Density, German photographer Michael Wolf takes the massive, busy city of Hong Kong and narrows it down to the smaller details of its high-rise apartment buildings.

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Behind one of the glass faces of Big Ben, in the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, London (Vintage Photography)

Did you know ‪ had an apartment in the best known parisian tower ?

Ace Hotel

Completed in 2014 in Los Angeles, United States. Images by Spencer Lowell. Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles opens in the historic United Artists building in Downtown LA. Built in 1927 for the maverick film studio, the ornate,.