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Why buy wallpaper when you can just use your photo collection?

A Plethora of Creative Ways to Display Your Favorite Photos

This is hilariously accurate | 21 Things You Will See In Every College Dorm Room

ways to make you walls look cool 4. Yes, we're talking real printed photographs. Turn your wall into a collage way prettier than your Facebook timeline. Tape, tack, or glue your photos to the wall — affixing to a corner makes the design more interesting.

Become a DIY Expert With These 25 Projects

I love to do a clue hunt for my kids on the last day of our Halloween count down. They follow the clues that will lead them to their special Halloween treat! :) So fun for them and me! :)

How to make nailpolish flowers | If the nailpolish doesn't work on its own you can use a base of glue and than paint the peddals. There are lots of video's on Youtube.

Känn Ingen Sorg (2013)

Känn Ingen Sorg (2013)

Känn Ingen Sorg (2013)