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On this board you can find all the things we have for sale in our store. If you're interested, please mail us at
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The Retropia Christmas window! The Christmas window is finally here! For about two months we worked on this (everything is made by us except the train and the little people), we had fun doing it and now we're having fun sharing it with the world.
*Made by Retropia* We take old things and turn them into something new. Like these journals / notebooks. We find old pretty books and turn them into journals for you to write your thoughts / recipes / lyrics / secrets in. The best thing? Put them in your bookcase with your other books and no one will know where your secrets are hidden.
One girl, four cups and a drill. The result: a grannycuplamp!
Tote bag from an old men's jacket and a belt. *Made by Retropia*
Retropia is the place to be for retro, vintage and design in Karlstad, Sweden
"Veronika" by Karin Björquist for Gustavsberg Available at Retropia!
"Hjärter" by Karin Björquist for Gustavsberg  Available at Retropia!
Pontus / Marianne Westman Available at Retropia!
Lacoste glasses, 1970s 500kr

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