Richard Paterson

Richard Paterson

Richard Paterson
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In an animated short film by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, a lonely widow in historic South Chicago is inspired to start sharing the ride — and sharing…

Now this project was fun. Work with a futurist to envision what Vancouver Airport would be like 20 years from now?To help shape the future of Vancouver's world-class, sustainable airport, you can attend public meetings and share your input online.

【時事 current events】 This is a short video made for Ligonier Ministries promoting their theme for next years national conference. Client: Ligonier Ministries Directed by: Dirk Naves Design & Animation: Phil Borst Sound by: Wesley Slover

Nautilus explores the beautiful life of astrophysicist, France A. Directed By - Colin Hesterly Production - Not To Scale Executive Producer - Eve Strickman Producer…