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Hahaha Their faces are so entertaining!

Any time is jenga time bahahahaha! Howard Howard Larson this reminds me of us, we're kinda presh

Nevermind, mom said no

i started laughing so hard that I started crying and my dad asked what was so funny and I couldn't even talk because I was laughing so hard and had to just hand him my computer so he could read it for himself. what the heck is wrong with me today.

Anna by Steve Thompson - I love these drawings so much!!

alice brans posted Frozen Character Design to their -wonderful world of disney- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Anna from Disney's Frozen

Anna with her hair down! I wish they had shown both girls with their hair down at some point (other than Anna's awesome morning hair). I seriously want to see Elsa with her hair down.