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Shantima Shantima

Shantima Shantima
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RAINBOW LOOM - CHARMS - Ballet Slipper Charm on Your Rainbow Loom

Ballet Slipper Charm-Rainbow Loom -We could borrow looms from parents for this project; I'm sure the BC girls have lots of looms. We have If we set up a table with 10 looming stations, we'd only need 10 looms.

make a shoebox projector for your smart phone - the idea is for slideshows but why not project movies onto a sheet in the yard for a drive-in night?

Turn Your Phone Into a Projector. Get an old shoe box cut a hole put a magnifying glass in it put your phone however close or far you want to make the picture on the wall big or small And watch whatever movie you want ;

Lappone: Four days in Dala-Floda

Traditional embroidered woman´s jacket from Dala-Floda I have just arrived home after four very inspiring days in Dala-Floda.