True... 21: the women are pretty but the boys are the the most delicious thing

Truth about Swedes.<<<as Swede I can tell you this is very accurate, except than I don't give a rats ass about Zlatan or coffee. But yeah black clothes are the best and sorry if I scare you with my intimidating stare.

Svenska stuff

Best of Sweden - traditional food dishes. x 42 cm, luxury poster print

Swedish midsummer buffet-if I understand this correctly, pickled herring, new potatoes, sour cream, dill, strawberries?

For lagniappe. Swedish midsummer buffet: pickled herring, new potatoes, sour cream, dill, strawberries

Swedish/Svenska :-D

A lesson in Swedish. This is from the book: Sweden - The Secret Files by Communications expert Colin Moon. So true!

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Din soldat

Din soldat