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Apple Macintosh Mouse M0100

The Macintosh was the first personal computer adopted by the general public to have a graphical interface - forms, menus, and .

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Vintage Computers and Software Ads of the (Page

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Minolta from the first digital full-colour copier featuring breakthrough LIMOS technology (found at work, sorry for bad quality) -- OPENPICS.

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A marketing spokesman at VPL Research in Redwood City, demonstrating a VR simulation of driving a car in

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in first bytes: iconic technology from the twentieth century

CRYENGINE V - Forest Lighting Study #2, Damian Stempniewski on ArtStation at

Another forest environment created in older CRYENGINE and then moved to new CRYENGINE V mostly for testing overcast lighting with SVOGI. As before, I used environment probes in areas of high contrast to add a bit more of directional lighting.

Longing, Matthijs de Rijk on ArtStation at

Longing, Matthijs de Rijk on ArtStation at