confidence is the best outfit or makeup

Pardon the language: Men are attracted to confidence more than tits, ass or face. There's nothing sexier than a woman who refuses to give a fuck.


Sometimes it's okay to take a step back and just breathe! Check out more things you can do today, to feel better tomorrow! Rest, relaxation in my hubbys arms.

love her

I love her!


Faith in God includes faith in his timing.they that wait upong the Lord shall renew their strength.

Joy is coming...

The Pain You’re Feeling Can’t Compare To The Joy That’s Coming ~ Joy Quote

stop and smile

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dolce vita <3

dolce vita <3


satans-flaming-buttocks: naked-n-famous: tea-and-arsenic: This is EXACTLY what I needed to see. wow I have been needing to realize this for a while comments like this make me beyond happy.