Closings for Writing

A super helpful writing tool that addresses common core writing expectations. How to close writing pieces

A Fan Page Freebie for you. Opening and Closing ideas for writing.

Opening and Closing Statements

crash course in phonics, fill in the gaps left by your teacher-prep program

Students missing parts of their phonics can catch up with this crash course in phonics, fill in the gaps your teacher-prep program left you with

Reading Strategy Posters

Reading Comprehension Posters

Included are 24 reading comprehension skills and strategies posters. Each poster has the name of the strategy, prompts that you might ask students, a sample graphic organizer, and sample student responses with sentence frames (when applicable). These ar

Reading strategies

Laminate and use a dry-erase marker on the sticky notes. Use for writing or summarizing narratives. (Post Its, Sticky Notes, English Language Arts, Anchor Chart, Grammar)

Hur kan man tänka runt planering? | Lärande & bedömning

The 5 minute lesson plan is a template you can use for planning to make sure that all required elements of your session (such as differentiation) are documented on your planner.