platos-pal: “ ‘Obscure Landscapes’ (Origami paper, National Geographic and Ink) by Heidi Prescott ”


Gerhard Nordström (Swedish, b. Oil on canvas, 89 x 122 cm.


archatlas: “ In Landscapes Petros Koublis An alternate state in parallel time The area that surrounds Athens is composed by a certain antithesis, as the vast urban surface meets with the countryside.

Art Ruby

pulmonaire: “Luminous Earth Grid is an outdoor art installation by Stuart Williams which is an array of energy-efficient fluorescent lamps, swept over an area equal to 8 football fields.

snotty nose

world-mine: “ spiritual-realm: “ queen-hornet: “ Alexandra Kehayoglou: Crafts Lush Grassy Carpets Inspired by the Pasturelands of Argentina ” ” Yes yes yes.

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