KBH Hang Brass Large (Box Of 2)

KBH Hang Brass Large (Box Of 2)

The Dropit Hook is Simple Yet Sculptural #homedecor

Tear-Inspired Coat Racks

Dropit Hook - Add a touch of sentimentality to hallways with the Dropit Hook. Shaped like flowing teardrops, these handy hooks are simple, sculptural and full of.


Dropit hooks are wooden drop-shaped hooks designer for Normann Copenhagen by the swedish design studio Asshoff & Brogård. The idea behind Dropit is simple: hang a single drop on the wall or create a pattern with several Dropit hooks.

Hang galge 5-pack, koppar i gruppen Inredningsdetaljer / Småförvaring / Krokar & Hängare hos (115464)

The Minimalist - The Minimalist Store / hay copper hanger set of 5

Renew your hallway with the stylish Curve hook designed by Peter Johansen for Normann Copenhagen. The hook is made of lacquered ash veneer and has a traditional and symbolic shape that gives a classic and uncomplicated look. Curve can be placed in most homes and environments and can be used to hang clothes, bags and accessories on. Place a single hook on the wall or several in a group to create an organized look! Choose between different colors.

Curve hook from Normann Copenhagen by Peter Johansen

Vogue skåp 64, antracit svart – Decotique – Köp online på

Vogue skåp 64, antracit svart – Decotique – Köp online på