End of the Day Jar - FREE download of 24 Questions Cards to ask your kids to get them talking about their school day.

End of the Day Jar- Questions Cards for Community Building. Could also use this at the dinner table, have kids draw few questions out of the jar and talk as a family about it over dinner.

Lego cable holders

Lego cable holder - an awesome way to help you organize your cables! My husband loves lego crafts of all kinds & these lil guys are a great cable tidy for your home office. In need of more home office ideas? Check out this post

FREE Printables Chore Flip Cards -  Make sure there's no confusion about what to do. For bathroom, kitchen and living room. Blank squares to create more cards. (Note: I would divide up each room into the different steps. Some should be done daily, while others could be assigned once a week or as needed. That's the way I clean my own home, one small step at a time.)

Chore Cards {Chore Flip Charts} for your children to learn how to clean a room in the right order and not forget anything. These work amazingly well in my home! From Tips From a Typical Mom

Stöd till en elev med ADHD, hjälpguide till läraren

Two Awesome Visuals On ADHD for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This is a great reminder for teachers with ADHD students that I will be sure to remember when I am a teacher.

Cat Rug Crochet Pattern by PaperButtercup on Etsy

Pattern only Cat Rug Crochet Pattern 16 x when made with rug yarn doubled and size N hook Pattern pages removed from crochet magazine.

ADHD and Calendars – What Is Your Plan? by Marla Cummins - "You calendar is where you hold your time sensitive, must-do tasks. Having a reliable tool to hold information is much better than trying to hold it in your head."

How to Retrieve iPhone Calendar from iCloud, iTunes and Without Backup