Barbed wire Chandelier

DIY Wire Pendants So easy, just weave wire around a vase or glass, remove vase and this is what you get. If wire isn't rusty, leave it in the rain.

Western Decor

Go to Black Forest Decor now and relish deals as high as off on our rustic candle holders and candles, such as this Barbed Wire Pillar Candle Holder!

barbed wire table

barbed wire table - maybe i'll take some powerline wire and add the barbs and have a lil "rustic lineman" thing going on!

barbed wire

Cowboy picture frames from authentic barnwood. Maybe you canÆt dismantle the weathered barn and bring it indoors, but you can give prominence to some of that beautiful rustic wood with one of our Western Rustic frames.

Barbed wire chandelier!

Barbed wire and crystal. rusty and sharp with elegant and sparkly. my kind of contrast (How hard would this actually be? Have plenty of barbed wire in the barn. Paint it, or leave it rusty?) What a wedding piece!

Barbed Wire Ball

Barbed Wire Ball

Barbed Wire Ball--with lights as a chandelier or tethered by a rope and free to roll around the yard

barbed wire bracelets

Faux barbed wire bracelet made with Sculpey SuperFlex over a Stretch Magic core, paints, Kato Liquid Polyclay.

barbed wire shoes

barbed wire shoes

barbed wire diy

The Monoxious [DIY Fashion Tutorial]: Ann Demeulemeester Epine thorn bracelet - very cool leather barbed wire